1. What is Foldingstorybook™? Have you ever played ‘folding story’ as a kid? Drawing or writing on a piece of paper, folding it, and then passing it onto another person to continue the work?

Now imagine 'folding story' on a global scale, where you, as the author get to choose how the story unfolds. Develop your characters, add cultural references, change the direction of the story in any way, just explore your creativity.

As a global community, our aim is to promote literacy and be an inclusive, friendly place where different cultures, age groups, styles of writing and capabilities can connect through a sharing of stories.

This is the first of many books and literature to be written by the community for the community.  All we ask is that you write one chapter, fold the paper, then pass it on to the next person. It’s a simple as that.

2. Will I get paid for my work? We at Foldingstorybook™ strongly believe that all contributing authors should be suitably remunerated for their work(s). Therefore, all authors and editors published on or via our platform will gain a generous percentage of any capital generated by their work(s).

To note, as a start-up, we will not be able to start paying our contributors until we reach a benchmark of 50,000 unique users per day. With our website and app promotion(s) and your help, we believe this is not a big number to attain. We therefore request and highly encourage you to use your own platforms (social media, email etc.) as well to share yours and other works alongside us. This will ensure we reach our benchmark at the earliest and you start getting your highly deserved revenue.

3. How does Foldingstorybook™ work? Please check out our 'How it works' link at the bottom of the page.

4. Do you have what it takes to be a literary genius and world-renown author?  The team at Foldingstorybook™ are calling out to all authors around the world to get together and form a masterpiece. We’d love to hear from you if you:
• have an idea about a book
• want to add a chapter to an existing book
• have a creative idea for a book cover

5. How can you contribute?  In order to contribute to Foldingstorybook™, you must first be a member.   After signing up, you will have access to the all the available books, where you can request to write a chapter, submit and wait for it to be published.

6. How much should I write? We only consider submissions that are 700 - 1500 words long.

7. Can I contribute more than once to a single book? Absolutely. You can contribute as many times as you want. However, if the editor is calling out for a chapter 4, you can only make one submission for that chapter 4. Additionally, you may submit another chapter for that same book (i.e. chapter 5).

8. Must I be a member to contribute? Yes, you must have a registered account with us to submit your ideas or next chapter.

9. Why should I become a member? Members can contribute to the creation of our books, also get remunerated for their work(s). Don’t worry, signing up is easy and if you need any help, feel free to contact us.

10. How can I be a member? Easy. Just hit the Sign-Up button on the homepage and follow the prompts.

11. How can I become an editor? Editing requires substantial work. Therefore, to make the jump to an editor, you will need to have 25 confirmed published chapters on our website.

12. What happens when I send in my chapter? Our editorial team will read your literary work, and if we love it, we’ll publish it. Don’t worry, all authors will receive proper citations and a mini-profile on our website.

13. What sort of citation will I receive? All published authors will have their username and country displayed at the bottom of their chapter.  Therefore, please choose your username wisely. Users will also be able to click onto the author’s mini-profile and view other information that the author has made public.

14. What’s in it for me as a contributor? All authors will receive proper citations and a mini-profile on our website. You can link your personal blog and drive traffic to your own website from Foldingstorybook™. This is your medium, your canvas to share with the world.

15. How frequently are chapters added to the book? We aim to publish one chapter per book a week at this stage.

16. How long will each book be? Each book will approximately be around 20-25 chapters long.

17. Who decides the genre of the book? The first author of the book has the privilege to decide the genre and title of the book. If you do not elect a title or genre, we will notify other members and request submissions via the new feed.

18. How many books will be ‘in-process’ at any one time? We aim to have multiple books with different genres being written concurrently.

19. Can I send in a book cover design? Yes, we generally only accept book cover designs once the story is well under way. We will notify members by posting on the news feed.

20. Do I get feedback from the editors if my work is unsuccessful? For every story we upload, we receive many submissions for new chapters. While the editor approves and posts up one chapter, many more submissions are rejected. Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of submissions, we are unable to provide individual feedback to users.

21. Are you a teacher? All teachers starting a project at school will be automatically given editorial rights for that specific project. This includes publishing and editing chapters.

22. What happens if you would like to replace your published story with edits? Unfortunately, after the chapter has been published, we are unable to make any edits.

23. What happens if you made an error in your submission? Use the Contact Us button and inform us of the issue. Do not include the revised chapter in your email. We will contact you regarding this.

24. Can I delete my chapter after it has been published? Unfortunately, we cannot delete published chapters. Your chapter plays a pivotal part in the direction of the subsequent chapters, and it would be unfair to the following writers and the integrity of the story to remove any part of it. However, we can make exceptions in exceptional circumstances. Please contact us at foldingstorybook@gmail.com

25. What information about myself will be made public? Here at Foldingstorybook™, your privacy is our priority. Therefore, any work that you write will only be identifiable by your username and country. Other information that you provide us will remain private unless you choose to make it public on your mini-profile.

26. Can you read current and previous books for free? Yes, you can read all our books for free, without being a member. HTML versions of books can be read on any browser.
• We are also in the process to make other published books online to you legally. Keep checking our 'Store' section for regular updates.


Need more help? Contact us at foldingstorybook@gmail.com