Guidelines for Contributions


To maximise your chances of being published please follow a few simple rules:

  1. Keep submissions between 700 - 1500 words.

  2. Read the previous chapter(s) and keep similar elements to ensure the storyline flows.

    1. Maximum number of main characters is 5-10. Please keep unnecessary characters to a minimum.

  3. We aim to have approximately 20-25 chapters per book, so if you’re not ending the story completely, make sure to leave it open-ended.

    1. We will issue a five chapter notice for when the book has to end, allowing the authors to conclude.

  4. Grammar: Proof-read your work and try to make sure that spelling errors are kept to a minimum. For example:

    1. Poor spelling.

    2. CAPSLOCK.

    3. Wallsoftextthatdon’tstop.

    4. Swearing and profanity: Please use inappropriate words considerately, as there may be children viewing the stories published. Be mindful of your postings.

    5. Avoid graphic depictions, gross or disturbing content that do not serve any purpose in the development of the story.

    6. Avoid pornography and explicit sexual content - again, consider your audience. This type of writing is not appreciated here at FoldingStoryBook and you may have your account banned.

  5. Plagiarism: Do not submit stories that are a direct copy of another. Offenders will have their memberships cancelled and be unable to further submit any works.

  6. ‘Remixed’ Versions of famous stories: Try to be creative in your approach and explore unventured territories.

All submissions that are submitted on Foldingstorybook have the authors’ permission to be published on the website.