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Terms of Use: While using Foldingstorybook (FSB) you must agree to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Failure to comply to these rules are a violation of FSB’s Terms of Use. 



A person must not post or email: Anything that is unlawful, harmful, abusive, pornographic, defamatory, racist.


In addition, a person must not:

  • Attempt to gain unauthorised access to FSB systems, and diminish the quality of services provided by FSB.
  • Access and tamper with non-public areas of the FSB site. 
  • Interfere or disrupt access to FSB by any user, host or network.
  • Send a virus(es), overload, flood or spam FSB.
  • Collect other users’ information (such as harvesting) for any inappropriate means.
  • Bully, intimidate or harass any user or FSB staff.
  • Create more than one personal account.
  • Infringe on other peoples’ intellectual property rights. 
  • Infringe on FSB’s copyrights or Trademarks, without our prior written permission.


Content submitted to FSB:

Any content publicly or privately posted is the responsibility of the person submitting such content. Therefore, you bear the risk and responsibility, and will be held liable for any material you post on FSB. 



  • Your personal use of FSB, any content that you post, and the consequences that may result from your use. 
  • You must acknowledge and agree to latest Terms and Privacy Policy updates if you decide to use Foldingstorybook.
  • You must acknowledge that anything that you submit will be viewable by other FSB users, and if necessary, through trustworthy third party services. Please only provide us with content that you are comfortable with sharing. 
  • You must acknowledge that by using FSB, you put yourself at risk of viewing content that may be deemed offensive to some people. .We will do our best to minimise this risk, but under no circumstance is FSB responsible or liable for any offence.
  • You must acknowledge that your content may be redistributed by us, or our partners. 
  • You must not reproduce, duplicate or distribute, sell, resell or exploit any of the content or services without written consent from FSB.
  • You will not violate other users’ intellectual property and copy their work. 
  • You must acknowledge that we may remove any content generated by you, or terminate your account at our sole discretion, without prior notice. We will send you an email detailing reasons for our actions.
  • You must acknowledge that we may terminate your account with FSB at our sole discretion, without prior notice if we believe that it is inappropriate or detrimental to the essence of the website.



The user retains the rights to any content that they submit on FSB. By submitting any content on FSB (intellectual property, IP), you grant FSB an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable and perpetual worldwide license to such content, with authorisation to sublicense and make transfers. 


This license includes:

  • Permission to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, edit, copy, publish, distribute and display such content in any form of media or medium
  • Permission to make such content available to third parties, other companies/institutions/organisations and individuals that FSB may partner with. 
  • Permission to broadcast, distribute and publish by FSB or with another partnering company, with no compensation paid with respect to the content that you submitted to FSB.
  • This license ends when you delete your IP content, unless it has already been shared with others or posted on the FSB website.
  • Although we try to make FSB a safe, bug-free website, you are using FSB at your own risk. We are not responsible for any errors or mistakes placed on the website.



  • All services provided by FSB (excluding content provided by users) are the exclusive property of FSB. These are protected by copyright and trademark.
  • Content displayed on FSB is protected by copyright and trademark, as a collective work or compilation. 
  • Any modification or reproduction or distribution of this site without FSB’s written consent is strictly prohibited and may be taken to court. 
  • FSB does not claim ownership of content posted by its users; however, by posting content on FSB, you automatically grant FSB an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable and perpetual worldwide license to your work. This authorisation includes: editing, copying, translating, distributing, sub licensing, publishing, etc. In addition, we may use your public information without any compensation to you.
  • FSB reserves the right to refuse to publish, distribute and display any content on the website, and to terminate user Accounts if they are deemed detrimental to the site. This includes: defamatory, racist, pornographic, paedophilic, abusive, etc content. 
  • Removal of content may be done without prior notice and at FSB’s sole discretion.
  • Termination of accounts may be done at FSB’s sole discretion, if we believe that such action is necessary. 
  • FSB is not responsible for actions, content, information or data of third parties, and you release us (company, and all staff) from any such claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of any claim. 



You acknowledge that:

  • FSB is not liable to you or any other third party.
  • FSB is not liable to any content posted on the website, but the content is liable to the person who originated such content.
  • FSB retains the right to create limits on the use of our services at our own discretion without prior notice.
  • FSB has no responsibility or liability for sudden disruption of services, failure to store content, or for suspending usage. 
  • FSB does not endorse, represent or guarantee the accuracy of any content or opinions expressed. Under no circumstances will FSB be liable in any way for any content, errors or omissions in content and furthermore, any loss, damage and bereavement caused by such content posted or made available by FSB.
  • You agree to indemnify FSB and all its service providers and workers harmless from any demand or claim. In addition, the user is accountable for any court costs, legal fees made (including third party) due to the content that the user submits (or your use of our services, violation of the Terms and Privacy Policies, or violation of your rights of any other individual, etc). 
  • You agree that if anyone brings a claim against us related to content that you have uploaded, or your actions, you will indemnify and hold FSB harmless from, and against all loses, damages, expenses (including legal fees, costs) related to the claim. 
  • FSB is not liable to any offensive, inappropriate, unlawful, obscene content you may encounter on FSB. 



Advertising may be present on FSB, and the nature and extent may change. In using FSB, you agree that FSB and its third party providers place such advertising on the website.



We endeavour to create a global creative community, therefore those users who interact with FSB outside Australia Consent to having personal information processed and stored in Australia.


Please note that the services on FSB are constantly evolving so our policies and terms may change from time to time without notifying you.



FSB - any features or services that we make available through our website, or any other FSB branded co-websites (e.g. mobile versions, subdomains), social plug-ins, other media, devices, networks now existing and later developed.

Content - anything the user submits, posts and is uploaded onto our website

Information - facts about you, including your posts, submissions and anything you type into FSB.

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