• Questionable Sanity of Harold Hungovsky - Chapter 1
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With barely an upward glance from the page, on which various stocks and commodity prices were listed, he replied, "Sure, so long as it's warm, flat and served out of a dirty glass...it's all they got here anyhow." Rather dour, I mused, and the barmaid was singularly unimpressed with the sarcastic attitude. Nevertheless, refreshments were served reasonably promptly, and consumed in the same manner.

*For those unfamiliar with Australian colloquialism, a 'yarn' isn't merely what one's grandmother might use to knit; a yarn is also 'an irreverent and embellished story'. Interestingly, a 'yarn' is also an Australian Indigenous word for a particularly rare ground-dwelling fruit bat endemic to West Stradbroke Island in the country's north-east and regarded a a delicacy by the Krakatinni tribe. It is perhaps not to common taste, but it must be admitted that we would all swallow a yarn if we really had to.