Complement your lessons with blended learning - a novel way to heighten student engagement.


At Foldingstorybook we make student learning a more enriching, integrated, social and deeper experience.

We provide a writing platform for students to engage with each other collaboratively to write, share and learn through storytelling. 

Students will add a chapter to an existing narrative, allowing blended learning  to occur not only within a class, but potentially within a year level, an entire school or collaboratively with a partner school around the globe.  

Ever wanted to have a brother or sister school from Boston or London? How about Singapore or Cape Town? Foldingstorybook can make this happen.

Our platform harness' the power of technology to build human relationships and facilitates a global collaborative learning experience. The use of technology alongside in-person instruction will deepen your students' learning experience, making your school a school of the future.

For more information on how to get your school involved, contact us here at foldingstorybook@gmail.com




Potential Application: 


  • Small groups: students work together to build a story to share with the class. 

  • Class project: submit a chapter online to build a book as an entire class. This can be shared with other classes, parents or schools.  For example, as a classroom, agree on a general plot and then have each group take on a character or certain section of the story.

  • Year level projects: each year level can have a story to share in the final year book.

  • Work with a partner school: within the neighbourhood or with another school around the world. Make your school a school of the future. 

  • Gifted students program.

  • After school student programs.